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Connected Educators New Zealand 2015…the spark!

Connected Educators NZ 2015 has been a bit of an adventure for me. If the aim was solely to get people connected, it’s definitely done its job from my perspective. So much has been going on that at times it has … Continue reading

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Connect – Collaborate – Challenge – Change.

Where to start? I imagine that’s a question that pops up for many people when approaching change in our education system. It’s also a question that came up when thinking about how on earth do I start this post!? There are so many … Continue reading

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What can adults learn from kids?

So the last few days have seen me watching way too many videos on TED, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to try and meet the first of this weeks EdBlogNZ challenges. I finally settled on Adora Svitak’s TED talk. What can adults learn … Continue reading

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Finding Nemo, education and me #EdBlogNZ Challenge

As a teenager, my parents hoped I would grow out of my love (bordering on obsession) for cartoons and animated movies, but it was never to be. In fact, I actually had dreams of becoming a cartoonist before deciding on … Continue reading

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