Connected Educators New Zealand 2015…the spark!

Connected Educators NZ 2015 has been a bit of an adventure for me. If the aim was solely to get people connected, it’s definitely done its job from my perspective. So much has been going on that at times it has been difficult to keep up. Now comes the tricky task of trying to narrow down my sources of inspiration to just 3 people/areas during these last 3 weeks.

As I said in my last post- my passion, reasoning and understanding in the field of education have been revived, challenged and developed greatly over the last year largely due to the people I work with. One colleague in particular has challenged my thinking on many occasions sometimes causing the inside of my head to resemble something similar to this…

And here’s the kicker… I love it! The chance to problem solve and arrive at a possible solution or maybe even more questions that when I started is what makes learning interesting- it never ends! Celia Fleck served as my first source of inspiration during CENZ15 as without her encouragement and collaborative nature, this blog probably wouldn’t have eventuated for quite some time, if at all. It was the spark that ignited everything this month. It’s been awesome to have someone who is on the same page to talk it out when need be but also someone who can challenge me to step out and step up. So Celia, thank you for the positive peer pressure and for continually challenging me to improve my practice.

My second source of inspiration comes from seeing all my fellow newbie bloggers out there trying their hand at something new. It’s definitely a learning curve but it’s great to see so many others in the same position as me.  I was pleased to read that I wasn’t the only one who was extremely nervous to hit share on my first blog post. I’ve loved the positive and constructive feedback shown not only to myself but to all the newbies getting involved. There is a supportive and encouraging network out there and I still feel like I’m only just scratching the surface. Aside from just writing a blog, the EdBlog challenge has lead me to read and follow more blogs. I feel like only good things can come from this new and evolving part of my practice

The third source of inspiration is another collective one…Twitter. I finally started to look into actually making use of my Twitter account. Contributing by sharing my practices, successes and failures is still an area I feel I need to work on but I’m getting there. What is helping me though is the absolute passion shown by so many educators on Twitter to improve the outcomes for their learners. Many of these passionate (and excited!) educators were everywhere on Twitter during CENZ15 and the #ULearn15 tweets were coming through thick and fast…too fast! I feared that I had missed out big time for not attending the ULearn conference but I needn’t have worried. Thanks to Kerri Thompson and everyone else that jumped on board with her #notatULearn15 hashtag, the main points were collected to go through at my own pace. Teachers helping teachers!

There were so many sources of inspiration during CENZ15 that it was hard to pick just three. There were many presentations (from Core Ed and ULearn) and blog posts (especially the learners in Classrooms across Wellington via the WellyED blog) that I could have easily reflected upon here and I may still do so at a later date. The whole experience of the last 3 weeks has been inspiring and the challenge for me is to make sure that my journey on here continues.


About Jo Smith

Health & PE teacher and TIC Outdoor Education at Aotea College.
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One Response to Connected Educators New Zealand 2015…the spark!

  1. celiafleck says:

    Thanks for your kind words Jo! I am also loving having another colleague to collaborate and engage with in this Connected Educators space 🙂


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