Term 2 #OneWord2016 Reflection

Over the last couple of days and some serious soul searching on the last 3 months (and the next 6) I have come to realise a few things. It’s fair to say that Term 2 has been a challenge. While I’ve had success with many of my classes, I have failed to engage some rather energetic students, mindlab assignments seem to pop up all the time, EOTC forms all over the show and Mother Nature hasn’t allowed me to get to my happy place (on the water) more than a couple of times in the last 3 months.

At our recent EONZ/PENZ/NZHEA Conference, the last keynote speaker Allison Mooney was great. She was engaging and fairly accurate as she put forward her presentation on different personalities. Apparently I fit into the precise  category and i feel like for the most part, she had me pinned. I think…a lot! Too much in fact. Sometimes this can be a really good thing and other times it can be detrimental to my wellbeing. Over processing thoughts is a specialty of mine- if anyone has any tips on letting this go, I’m all ears.

What does this have to do with my word of courage? Lately I’ve been listening to my inner critic and even though I know that most of it is my mind gone wild, I still listen. It takes a lot of courage to ignore this inner critic (she can be very convincing!). When you try something new and it fails completely, it can be hard to carry on. I’ve had to remind myself how resilient, determined (and as my father would suggest, stubborn) I am: I don’t quit.

This year has seen me reach out and ask for help on many occasions and awesome friends, whānau and colleagues have jumped straight in (shout out to my folks especially, they’re awesome!). My message to myself and others, don’t be afraid to ask for help and if someone asks you the dreaded “are you ok?”, don’t run away. Just be honest and know that you’re not alone.

Despite the curve balls Term 2 has thrown at me, I have been proud of the way that I have stood up for who and what I believe in- getting connected, collaborating, colleagues, curriculum based decisions and my beliefs and vision for Health and Physical Education at AC. And I finally knocked that half marathon off! (nevermind that I haven’t run since mid May!)

Term 3 goals:

  • Assign time for me everyday to practice the art of relaxing
  • Find time to be active
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Use trello to maximise time
  • Blog more!


Look-After-YourselfImage source: http://quotesgram.com/take-time-to-relax-quotes/



About Jo Smith

Health & PE teacher and TIC Outdoor Education at Aotea College.
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